Our Priorities

The Alpha PAC will secure free and fair elections in Nevada’s future through grassroots and legislative advocacy. We will monitor Nevada’s Legislature to detect future attempts to subvert our voting rights. We will then mobilize our grassroots advocacy network of volunteers to make direct contact with legislators.

The majority of Nevadans and Americans overwhelmingly support election integrity. 80% of all voters support voter ID, including 62% of Democrats.

And across the nation we saw poll watchers bullied and their constitutional rights to observe stripped away. Poll watcher reform must be a priority.

Through legislative action and ballot initiatives, the Alpha PAC is dedicated to righting the wrongs in our election process. The overwhelming amount of support for our initiatives will allow us to hold legislators accountable.

Help Us Protect Nevada


  1. Require voter ID to cast a ballot
  2. Verify only citizens can cast ballots
  3. Clean the voter rolls
  4. Reform the process for poll watching