About Alpha PAC

About Our Founder


Michael J. McDonald is a respected figure in Nevada with a record-setting tenure as the Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. His long-standing commitment to public service, starting as a police officer, makes him a notable leader in the state and across the country. 

He has also achieved distinction as the longest-serving State Republican Chairman nationwide, cementing his influence in American politics. 

McDonald was born and raised in Nevada, cultivating a deep understanding and commitment to the state and its people. This connection to his community would eventually guide his career path and contribute to his success in leadership roles. 

Before entering the world of politics, McDonald began his professional journey as an officer in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. During this time, his courage and dedication were not only recognized locally but nationally when he was nominated for National Police Officer of the Year. The nomination came after McDonald saved a family from a burning building.  At the time of his retirement from the department, he was celebrated as one of the most highly decorated officers, a testament to his service and commitment to protecting his community.

In 1995, McDonald was elected to the Las Vegas City Council, serving until 2003. His tenure was marked by effective governance, helping to guide Las Vegas through a period of significant growth and change. His most notable roles during this period included Mayor Pro-Tem of Las Vegas and as Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, he made significant contributions to the development of tourism in the city, expanding the Convention Center and growing the city’s economy despite set backs in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

About Alpha PAC


The Alpha Political Action Committee (Alpha PAC) is an independent organization committed to promoting and advancing conservative values and principles across the state of Nevada, standing as a stalwart advocate for common sense conservatism.

A significant part of Alpha PAC’s mission revolves around securing the integrity and fairness of the electoral process, as a cornerstone of any thriving democratic society.  Alpha PAC supports voter ID laws, which are instrumental in upholding public trust in the democratic system.

Alpha PAC stands as a formidable bulwark against the radical liberal agenda, being pushed across the country.

The goal of Alpha PAC is to make Nevada the most friendly state for families, business owners, workers, and taxpayers alike, fostering an environment conducive to prosperity and growth.

In its unwavering commitment to its mission, Alpha PAC represents a significant conservative voice within Nevada. Through robust advocacy efforts and strategic policy initiatives, we strive to shape a future for Nevada that is secure, thriving, and prosperous, ultimately benefiting all residents.

Help Us Protect Nevada


  1. Require voter ID to cast a ballot
  2. Verify only citizens can cast ballots
  3. Clean the voter rolls
  4. Reform the process for poll watching